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Indo Yoga Flo
Indo Fitness Fusion

If you are feeling like taking your yoga practice to the next level you can experience the Indo Yoga Flo class where the Indo Board is infused with your Vinyasa flow, opening your body to further engagement, focus and awareness. This class will challenge your stability, focus and presence in balancing poses, crescent lunges, warrior, planks and so much more helping you feel grounded, stable, and rooted the next time that you flow on your mat.  This is an innovative class of engagement and awareness that will bring your yoga practice to the next level. 

Try the Indo Fitness Fusion class to truly find your core engagement, stabilizing muscles, and strong inner focus by utilizing the Indo Board in conjunction with a variety of strength, toning, and challenging yet accessible exercises.  This class is the key to finding a more trimmed,  toned overall fit body.  Experience better posture and alignment, strengthen all of the stablizing muscles of your ankles, legs, core, and arms in order to prevent injuries that frequently occur due to the lack of activation of these important supportive muscles. 


When we are fully functioning, we will awaken to a greater portion of the total experience possible to us in life.W